Oxygen Can 7 Litre with Inhaler Cap, Oxygen Canisters for Home Use

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The only ones in the world – quality tested twice and approved by the Laboratory for Analytics and Toxicology (ANT Labs – Analytics and Toxicology d.o.o.) as well as by the Andrija Štampar Teaching Iinstitute of Public Health.

Innovative 2 in 1 mask for precise dosing which also serves as a cap. Provides direct oxygen flow to the user’s mouth and inhalation without contamination from the environment.

Size that fits larger and large bags or backpacks, for users who want to enjoy the benefits of oxygen as much as possible, suitable for home use and fixed locations.

Number of inhalations: up to 120 inhalations of 1 second

  • Increases stamina, energy and strength. Reduces regeneration time and contributes to faster recovery from stress in the body due to exertion. Improves cognitive ability and mental focus in students and pupils. It also improves memory and mental capacities.
  • It is used to prevent hangovers by replenishing blood oxygen levels in the blood reduced by alcohol – a faster recovery from partying all night.
  • Helps to adjust for altitude and reduce symptoms of altitude sickness. Suitable for mountain climbers and hikers as it helps to supply cells and the body with additional oxygen, improve oxygen saturation in the blood, especially at higher altitudes where the air is thiner.
  • Alleviates negative effects of higher altitudes and reduces fatigue and drowsiness.
  • It helps combat fatigue which routinely affects drivers and is suitable for drivers on long routes because it helps to boost concentration, reduce stress level in traffic jams, reduce exhaustion and fatigue on long journeys. It also increases energy on journeys where tiredness emerges early – reduce reaction times.
  • Refreshes and improves skin elasticity and structure. Reduces the number of wrinkles formed and their depth. It is useful in the process of detoxification and boosts the immune system.
  • It helps with the people living a high-tempo business lifestyle. Living at such pace leads to more stress, less concentration and poorer health, as the body quickly spends oxygen.
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